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Nuclear Meltdown

Difficulty = 70%

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Blue VS Red

In a once bustling but now deserted city, where echoes of the past still waft through the empty streets, stands the infamous ZERO reactor.
Once a thriving nuclear power plant, now a sinister reminder of a catastrophe that turned the entire region into a ghost town.
You and your team, a group of elite engineers, are challenged by a rival team to unravel the secrets of this reactor.

But this is no ordinary challenge, make sure that your team regains the power, pressure and core of the center as quickly as possible.

Try to prevent a meltdown & save this city from destruction.

As if this challenge is not difficult enough, sabotage also plays a large part in this game, you will encounter additional obstacles that can be activated by the other team.

Don't be distracted and concentrate on what is needed to prevent this disaster! ⚠️🔵vs🔴☢️


This game can be played as a regular escape room, for two to six people, there are no sabotage puzzles as there is no other team to compete against.

This game can also be played as a Battle Room, where you have to escape as quickly as possible, faster than the other group. But know that there are sabotage puzzles that can cause your room to become temporarily blocked.
You can't see each other, but you can hear the other group!


Is it scary? Although all games are set up in a certain theme, it is never meant to frighten you. The rooms also aren't claustrophobic, but whoever might feel uneasy can leave the game at all times. All rooms are provided with cameras for safety reasons.


When are we expected? In order to make everything run fluently, we ask you to be present fifteen minutes to the start of the game. This gives us the opportunity to give further information on the activity and for you to make use of our lockers.


Can I buy a gift card? Absolutely! The amount can be chosen freely and our gift card lasts for a year. At this moment, they can only be bought in our office, but a digital version is in development.


Can we get help during the game? In case you find yourself completely clueless, you can always ask for an extra hint. This has no influence on the game.


Where can I park my car? You can always leave your car in one of the car parks found nearby: Parking Vrijdagmarkt and Parking Reep. As an alternative, you can also use public transportation. Dampoort train station and tramstop Korenmarkt (tram line 1) are nearby.


Help! We're more than 6 players! There's no need to worry. Groups up to 8 players can book Escape the Asylum. However, we have 6 different games that can be played almost simultaneously. In case you have further questions on how to make a multi-booking, do not hesitate to contact us.


Is language important? Most of our puzzles and riddles are language-neutral. When language does play an important role, the information is provided in Dutch, French and English.


How long does the activity take? The purpose of an escape room is to escape within one hour. As a consequence the game ends after one hour. In order to make everything run fluently, we ask you to be present fifteen minutes to the start of the game. After the game, you have the opportunity to come to your senses while having a drink.


Are there any physical challenges? No. Since we strive to be accessible for everyone, all of our games resolve around solving puzzles and riddles. Physical elements such as crawling or climbing are completely absent.


Is a certain age required? Previous experiences with groups containing children have taught us the following: Children under the age of 12 need to be accompanied by a majority of adults. Children between 12 and 15 years are preferably accompanied by at least one adult. As of 16 years, children should be able to play our escape rooms on their own.


Can I alter my reservation? Absolutely. If you wish to change or cancel your reservation, you can always contact us.

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The games can be found in order of difficulties, starting with 'Escape the Freakshow' and as expert level game 'Escape The Asylum'